Act for Nature

Add your name in support of strong Act which protects and restores biodiversity!

To the Honourable Members of the South Australian Government and Policy Makers,


We, the undersigned citizens of South Australia, call upon the Malinauskas Labor Government to take urgent and decisive action by introducing a robust and comprehensive Biodiversity Act. This legislation, which we understand will integrate the goals of the Native Vegetation Act, the National Parks and Wildlife Act, and the Landscapes SA Act, must place the protection of biodiversity at the forefront of these laws. We firmly believe that a new Biodiversity Act is crucial to ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of our state.


The decline of biodiversity and the ongoing threat of climate change demand immediate attention and strategic intervention. Scientists estimate that we are losing species at alarming rates, up to 10,000 times faster than the natural background rate. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report identifies biodiversity loss as the fourth most severe global risk, after climate action failure, climate change adaptation, and extreme weather. South Australia's unique and diverse ecosystems have already suffered significant losses, with the extinction of various species, loss of habitat, and environmental degradation.


A strong and comprehensive Biodiversity Act is essential for safeguarding our natural heritage and securing a liveable and sustainable future for all South Australians. We urge the government to take the following actions with regard to the new Biodiversity Act:


  1. Acknowledge the urgency of the biodiversity crisis, exacerbated by climate change, and set ambitious goals to reverse the ongoing decline.

  2. Establish a clear and science-based definition of biodiversity, encompassing ecosystem function and resilient landscapes.

  3. Include provisions that ensure restoration and protection of species and ecosystems, allocating adequate resources for the preservation of biodiversity.

  4. Enforce strong institutional mechanisms, such as a Biodiversity Commissioner and Expert Panel, to oversee effective policy development and coordination.

  5. Implement adaptive and flexible measures to address the dynamic challenges posed by climate change, with learning embedded within environmental law.

  6. Ensure the Act has precedence over other relevant Acts, safeguarding biodiversity from competing interests.

  7. Establish a robust compliance and enforcement framework with penalties and incentives to encourage responsible actions and protect biodiversity.

  8. Involve the public in early decision-making processes and provide transparency and accountability in all environmental decisions.

  9. Respect and support Indigenous peoples' traditional and cultural knowledge, empowering them to be an integral part of the decision-making process.


We understand that a single piece of legislation alone cannot reverse the nature crisis or address climate change comprehensively. However, a strong Biodiversity Act will serve as a critical foundation for protecting, managing, and restoring our natural environment.


We, the undersigned, urge the South Australian Government to seize this unique opportunity and create a Biodiversity Act that will shape a sustainable and prosperous future for our state and preserve its natural treasures for generations to come.