Protecting 30% of nature by 2030

Please add your name in support of the Australian Government acting with high ambition to protect 30% of Australia's nature.

I support the Australian Government’s commitment to protecting 30% of Australia by 2030 - however, I ask that Tanya Plibersek and the Albanese Government act with high ambition to achieve genuine protection to ameliorate the nature crisis.

 By 2030, the Australian Government must achieve comprehensive, adequate and representative protection of Australia’s 89 bioregions to prevent the ongoing decline of our ecosystems and native species.

 Specifically, I am asking that the Australian Federal Government:

●     Significantly increase funding for land purchases, as well as providing adequate, ongoing funding for the management of public and private protected areas. This will require a multi-billion dollar investment over the coming decade.

●     Be evidence-based in protecting nature, ensuring that the resulting reserve system is comprehensive, adequate and representative

●     Protect the National Reserve System through environmental law by adding it as a Matter of National Environmental Significance under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

●     Increase long-term financial security and support for Traditional Owners

●     Be independent when auditing protected areas

I want to see Australia shift from being a world leader in species extinction to a world leader in nature protection.